• Finzzi Corporate Offices
  • Finzzi Sales Europe
  • Finzzi Sales USA
  • Calle La Cosa 18
    12200 Onda (Castellon)

  • CV-20, Avda. Mediterraneo 52
    12200 Onda (Castellon)

  • 225 Executive Drive,
    Suite 8,
    New Jersey 08057


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      The story
      of Finzzi

      As many of the best stories, it all started from a coincidence. Two young entrepreneurs coming from different business environments used to meet at café Finzzi, in a narrow street in Milano. Espresso (with no sugar) was the trigger to start a conversation about embracing a common project that combines their professional interests: David, deeply experienced in coverings industry and design trends and Kiran, a dreamer engineer specialized in sustainable materials. They set up the basis of a new project and decided to name it as the cafeteria where everything started: Finzzi.

      Innovation is
      the ultimate
      of Finzzi

      The mission was clear: bring to the coverings industry a wide range of high performance and sustainable materials.

      We thrive on
      offering the
      best surface

      Finzzi surfaces provide a number of practical advantages in addition to an elegant and avant-garde aesthetic. Inspired by nature, the product design seeks to capture all the rich textures that organic materials have to offer. That’s how, with a special attention to detail, each model is endowed with realistic finishes. The result of the process is a range of vivid designs with added aesthetic value and 100% recyclable materials that make them suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. Our LVT floors are scratch and stain resistant, easy to maintain, function as sound insulation and much more. You will not need to take special care of your floor, nor will it take hours to clean.

      and innovation

      Our production process includes the latest technological advances to create better surface solutions for the most demanding projects. Ultimately, to hit the highest standards, constant innovation becomes part of our DNA.